Mamma Me Time will be reopening after 12th April.

Until the end of April, I will be accepting priority bookings only from those on my wait list / those who had appointments cancelled due to lockdown and those with existing vouchers. PLEASE NOTE I WILL NOT AUTOMATICALLY BE CONTACTING THOSE ON THE WAITLIST

If you fit the above criteria, and still require an appointment, please get in touch to request your priority booking link. Include in your email whether you had a cancellation / have a voucher or are on the waitlist along with the service you require. I will be in touch and respond to all requests as soon as possible.

General booking will reopen from May and from this point forwards will be for specialist maternity therapies only.

As always, don’t hesitate to get in touch with any enquiries you may have.



Mamma Me Time offers antenatal and postnatal advice, support and education alongside a wonderful range of complementary therapies, all designed to support and prepare women for birth, their recovery, and their transition into family life. Whether you’re looking for a one-off pregnancy or postnatal treat, birth preparation sessions or a full package of care throughout and beyond your pregnancy, Chrissie offers a range of options, tailored to suit your individual needs.




Total preparation for body and mind, from bump, to birth and beyond.


Options range from 30 minutes to an incredible 130 minutes, all 100% tailored to your individual needs. 


Used to safely and successfully treat a wide range of the most common pregnancy and postnatal complaints.

Optimal positioning session 

A session to help optimise space in your pelvis and encourage your baby into the best possible position for birth.

Baby Massage

Five-week baby massage course, suitable from birth. Enjoy the numerous benefits of baby massage & socialise with other mums.

Mamma Pamper

A lovely opportunity to catch up with friends and also each indulge in your own lovely individual therapy. 

Natural induction

Specifically designed session with techniques & therapies to help naturally, gently & safely, promote labour.


One-to-one or group antenatal classes, tailored to suit all needs, based in our exclusive premises in Norwich


30 – 70 minute bespoke postnatal massage options available. Non-mobile babies welcome with mamma too!

Closing the bones

The most nurturing pelvic massage, a beautiful experience for women. Words cannot adequately describe.