Pregnancy Massage

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All pregnancy massages at Mamma Me Time are completely tailored to your specific needs and desires based on your consultation. You book the time and the massage will be designed to your preferences and needs. Each pregnancy massage is inclusive of a, custom-made, aromatherapy blend if suitable. The time stated for your massage is your actual hands-on time with additional time included for pre and post-massage care ensuring a truly personalised and satisfying experience. Whether simply for relaxation or to provide relief from a specific pregnancy complaint, Mamma Me Time will have a massage to suit your needs.

Although massage adaptations and considerations are necessary in pregnancy, for the majority of women,  massage is completely safe throughout your pregnancy, up to and even during labour. In fact, with the increased demands on your body and constant changes to accommodate your growing baby, regular massage in pregnancy is recommended as there are even more reasons for, and benefits from, a massage at this time. Chrissie will always ensure that every massage is suitable for you and will advise you accordingly if any further adaptations or considerations are recommended. 

Some of the many reported benefits of pregnancy massage include:

Improved mental & physical relaxation
Improved bowel mobility, reduced risk of constipation  
Promotion of mum- baby relationship
Enhanced release of ‘feel good’ hormones
Reduced discomfort of sciatica & pelvic pain     
Reduction of stress and anxiety
Eased aches and pains
Improved circulation
Lowered blood pressure
Relief of swelling 

Pregnancy Massage options at Mamma Me Time include fully bespoke options of 30, 45 and 70 minutes which are all completely tailored to your exact desires and needs at each individual appointment. You can also choose to indulge further with extended pregnancy massage options of 100 minutes and the amazing 130 minute Mammalicious ultimate luxury pregnancy massage – complete head to toe bliss, sure to leave you 100% relaxed, refreshed and feeling just amazing.

The room so was beautiful and so calming. The massage was truly wonderful. Such a special experience especially when pregnancy hasn’t been so kind. I’m booked to go again in a few weeks and can’t wait. 

Carly Le'anne Stockell



Pregnancy massage pricing
£37 / £45 / £60 

Duration (hands-on massage time)
30 mins / 45 mins / 70 mins