Closing the bones massage

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 This massage needs to be experienced as it simply cannot  be adequately put into words!!

 In many cultures, after birth, women are encouraged to rest, to recover and spend uninterrupted time with their baby. During this time they are cared for, fed, nurtured and various forms of massage are regularly used to help with the recovery and healing process.
The Closing the bones massage offered at Mamma Me Time is just this and is based on a traditional Ecuadorian postnatal massage.


It is said that to grow and to birth a baby, women most open up their minds, their hearts and their bones. Once their baby has been born, Closing the Bones can help both physically and emotionally to begin the transition into motherhood and is intended to help women to positively move forwards onto the next life chapter.

Although it was originally intended for postnatal women, Closing the Bones massage has in fact been found to be extremely beneficial to women at all stages of life.

 Closing the bones can be of comfort to those who have sadly experienced trauma or loss, it has also helped to support women through menopause as a time of transition. Some seek the massage after a negative experience as a way to help release stress and tension and to transition forward in a positive way.

Of course there are also many who have had a beautiful experience, birth or otherwise, who seek closing the bones as positive ceremony, recognising, celebrating and honouring their body and their journey.

My closing the bones ceremony will be a treasured memory of becoming a mother, truly magical.

Victoria Jenkins


What does it involve?


The main physical aspect of this massage involves using rebozo’s (woven scarves) to gentle cradle, support, rock and hug the pelvis, the part of your body which as a woman, works very hard throughout our lives and during pregnancy and birth has contained, protected and produced something so precious.

Gentle nurturing massage techniques are used on your abdomen, hips and pelvis to remove tension and stresses, they feel just incredible. The rebozo’s are again used to wrap you from your head to your feet, providing the warmest and most nurturing ‘hug’ whilst you lay and listen to some amazing words reminding you just how powerful, beautiful and amazing you are. You, the woman, the mother, the partner, the sister, the friend. Helping you to begin letting go of anything that is no longer positive or helpful in your life.

When you are ready, the scarves are gently unwrapped, you emerge feeling refreshed, energised, new.
The beauty of this experience is that it is fully adaptable to your expectations and needs. It can be performed for you alone or with friends and family as a ceremony. Closing the bones can be arranged in your own home if preferred (travel costs applicable). The massage itself is extremely comforting and nurturing and simply makes you feel good.

You have three options to choose from at Mamma Me Time:


Standard Closing the Bones – £68

Approx. 2 hours, gives you time to reflect and to talk or rest, incredible rebozo sifting of the hips and pelvis, nurturing abdominal and pelvic massage, binding with rebozos and luxury hand / foot or face massage also included in the massage ceremony experience.

Shortened Closing the Bones – £50

Approximately 1 hour, ideal as a follow up session if wanted / required. Includes main aspects of rebozo sifting, abdominal and pelvic massage, rebozo binding and ceremony. Although the standard session is always recommended initially, this version is a good option for those short on time but who would love to have this amazing experience

Extended Closing the Bones- £95

Because….. why wouldn’t you want to immerse yourself into this incredible experience for as long as possible?! This extended version has evolved after working with women who simply needed more time, time to talk, time to breath and time to feel incredible. This extended version is great for women who really need some extra time, for whatever reason. This option includes everything you would receive in the standard session but includes more time to talk, more time to rest, more time for you. Alongside the nurturing pelvic and abdominal massage and rebozo sifting and binding, this session includes a thorough, truly nurturing  massage from your head to your toes.
Approx. 3 hours.