Is pregnancy massage safe?

Although some adaptations have to be made for massage during pregnancy, for the majority of women pregnancy massage is absolutely safe.  In fact, during pregnancy there are even more reasons to seek massage as there are even more benefits to you during this time. The general guidance is that it is best to wait to have a massage until around 12 weeks into your pregnancy, after this point massage is safe right up to, and even during labour.

Chrissie has trained extensively in pregnancy massage and anatomy and physiology of pregnancy and will always advise you if any further adaptations need to be made for your individual circumstances. Before any treatment, Chrissie will also always complete a thorough assessment and consultation to ensure both your utmost safety and of course, the best possible results for your needs.
You can rest assured that you and your baby are in capable and safe hands. 


Can pregnancy massage induce labour?

Pregnancy massage will not force a body to labour if it is not ready to and is very unlikely to cause labour to occur in women before their pregnancy has reached full term. However, it can indeed be used as a method of natural induction in full term and overdue pregnancies as many of the effects of massage help to promote the conditions for labour to occur. Massages can be tailored to incorporate techniques specifically to gently encourage labour if required and of course, if safe. Chrissie also provides a specific natural induction session incorporating the most effective natural techniques for those keen to naturally induce labour and avoid a medical induction. 

What is maternity acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a very effective therapy which originates from Chinese traditional medicine and dates back thousands of years. Due to it’s recognised effectiveness, many healthcare professionals including Physiotherapists, G.P’s, Chiropractors and Midwives have been adding acupuncture techniques into their area of expertise to help achieve the best possible results for their clients.  Maternity acupuncture can be safely used at all stages of pregnancy, labour, birth and the postnatal period.  It can be used alone or combined with other therapies to successfully treat a wide range of common complaints ranging from morning sickness to induction of labour and breastfeeding issues. See the maternity acupuncture page for further information on this wonderful therapy.

Are antenatal classes important?

Whether or not you decide to attend antenatal classes is a very personal choice, some couples decide to attend them to gain knowledgde and techniques helping them to fully prepare for their birth and baby. Others choose them in order to meet other couples who will be having babies around the same time.

Antenatal class friends can be a great source of support for each other and will often go on to be life long friends. Some couples decide that classes are simply not for them and may prepare in other ways such as reading, watching videos or talking with friends and family. If you decide to seek classes, there are many different options available from free NHS classes, to a vast choice of group and individual private classes.

In Chrissie’s experience as both a mother and a Midwife, receiving quality information and preparation techniques prior to the birth of your baby can make a huge impact on your experience and transition into family life. All of Chrissie’s antenatal class options include up to date, relevant information alongside beautiful techniques for you and your partner to use from the first session. The content is designed to help you both prepare for your journey in body and in mind. Group classes have the added bonus of meeting like-minded local couples also expecting around the same time while one to one sessions can be completely tailored to the preferences and availability of each couple.

Click here for more information of options and pricing of Mamma Me Time’s antenatal education services.

Can I turn a breech baby naturally?

If your baby is found to be breech after 36 weeks of pregnancy, you may be offered a procedure at hospital to attempt to manually turn your baby. Although not all babies will turn, there are many natural, gentle techniques and therapies that can be used to promote good positioning of babies in the womb prior to this point. With this in mind, Chrissie has developed an inclusive optimal positioning session at Mamma Me Time to include the most effective techniques and therapies to promote optimal positioning.

The session is suitable from around 30 weeks of pregnancy and as with all services, Chrissie will always complete a thorough consultation and assessment to ensure the session is appropriate and safe for you.

Another good source of information on encouraging good positioning of baby in pregnancy and labour is the spinning babies website www.spinningbabies.com