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The majority of babies will naturally turn into a head down position before birth, only a very small percentage do not turn before their due date. However, knowing that your baby is in a breech or sub-optimal position can be  concerning for women and can impact their enjoyment of their pregnancy. 

There are many techniques that can be used to promote good positioning and many ladies report that they would prefer to do something to encourage their baby to turn rather than just ‘sit and wait’.

Therefore, Chrissie has developed a specific optimal positioning session at Mamma Me Time. As well as providing advice and information on breech (and other) presentations and bio-mechanics of the pelvis in relation to pregnancy and birth, this session incorporates a combination of gentle, natural techniques, all of which have been shown to be extremely effective in encouraging babies into a head down position. 

Your session may involve a selection or all of the following methods depending on your individual circumstances, position of your baby and your personal preference:

Acupuncture including Moxibustion therapy – a traditional Chinese therapy which has been shown to be very effective in helping breech babies to turn. Exercises which optimise the pelvic diameters and encourage good positioning. Rebozo sifting techniques, massage and myofascial release, aromatherapy and acupressure.


 Suitable from 30 weeks onwards, this session is for any mamma who would like to ensure the best position of baby but aimed particularly at those with breech, transverse or ‘back to back’ position babies.

The session is approximately 90 minutes long but also usually requires an ongoing commitment from you to continue the recommended techniques and therapies in the days/weeks after your session – full written information will be provided and as with all services an ongoing aftercare advice service is included as standard.

As with all services at Mamma Me Time, Chrissie will complete a thorough assessment and consultation to ensure that the session is suitable and safe for your specific circumstances. 

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Price – £55

Duration 90 minutes.